Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Right now I am a good tired.

The kind of tired that comes with laughing too much, dancing like a goof, making late night stops to get cheese steaks (ok cheese fries too), and staying up until 3:30 to talk to friends on your porch.

Sitting back-to-back to one another and silently enjoying being young. Shared smiles are enough for me to know they feel the same.

Thank you gals for accompanying me on a wonderful trip to Madison.
"Let us linger here in the foolishness of things" - unknown
oh hey you guys! (left to right - Mal, Lauren, Anne, Jackie, Sam, Paige)
Paige, missed the sundress memo.
He found his spot, and he ain't giving it up.
A guy named Suggs.
Lauren and Mallory
City sounds.


  1. That is the best kind of tired! I love those chairs :)

  2. that last pic looks like where I want to be right this very minute. yes please.

  3. what a beautiful post! enjoy every second of this semester! and GO BADGERS!

  4. GREAT pics!! I was just in Madison this past weekend but only to fly out of the airport. I'm determined to show my Cali-husband a little bit of Chicago and one of the best spots in Wisco - MADTOWN. I think he will love it.