Tuesday, July 27, 2010

anthropologie is an expensive meadow of beauty

...or something like that.

In a month, I'm attending a wedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. I need a dress.

Maybe if I become even more freckly, I will be deceivingly somewhat tan and can pull off this number.

Word on the street is that for every Anthropologie dress you buy, they throw in one of these baller chairs for free.
OK that's a lie. But them chairs would look pretty darn cute on my upcoming front porch.


  1. THAT DRESS IS INCREDIBLE!!!! end of story!
    also i got really excited when you said they gave you a free chair... haahhahahahaha.

  2. Chairs from the Union would also look great on your porch! :)

  3. I tried on that dress the last time I went to Anthropologie! It is so lovely -- I'm holding out for it to go on sale.