Friday, August 10, 2012

If you really knew me... dun dun dun

I got an iPhone a few weeks ago, and I've been putzing around with it. Here are some instagram shots.
New books have arrived for my classroom! I highly recommend all of these!
A stroll through the nearby park with Mallory on a beautiful Sunday.
 Breakfast with Mallory at Grand Cafe. Delicious is an understatement. 
 Allison and Rachel being beach beauties at Lake Harriet.
 Rachel, Allison and I roof topping in Uptown.
 Sunflower heaven a few blocks from my house.
 Lake Harriet being picturesque per usual. 
 This looks like it could be straight out of the book Holes. 
A new favorite. 

In other news, isn't the title of this post so dramatic? Like it should be the name of a murder mystery or the name of a corny reality series that documents the lives of "misunderstood celebrities." Well, anyway, I'm just following suit of other bloggers' posts (aka my cousin).  It feels kind of like those chain emails I received and sent when I was in 6th grade when all of our friends would answer the same revealing questions... like... What's your favorite color? Who are your besties? What's your favorite Disney movie? 

I ate those shenanigans up as a middle schooler. Who am I kidding? I still do, hence, the following...

If you really knew me... 
You'd know that my go to food in almost any occasion is CHEESE!

If you really knew me...
You'd know that I think Enya has the voice of an angel, and that I really like to listen to instrumental music to calm me down or when I'm trying to study/write a paper.

If you really knew me...
You'd know that I have eaten many a meal in my bed while watching Friday Night Lights, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, and Friends.

If you really knew me....
You'd know that one time I found a Cheeto in my bed and I was never more ashamed of my college self.

If you really knew me...
You'd know that I drive super close to the wheel. Go-kart style. I don't like the feeling of my leg being straight while driving; it makes me think my foot might miss the pedal. The positive part of me driving this way is that whoever sits behind the driver's seat in my car gets tons of leg room.

If you really knew me...
You'd know that I had a deep admiration for American Girl Dolls growing up. You'd also know that my first American Girl was Addy and that she still is my favorite.

If you really knew me...
You'd know that I love having freckles and am panicking over the fact that I seem to be getting fewer and fewer every summer. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

If you really knew me... 
You'd know that fall is my favorite season. Sweatshirt weather, not sweating, pumpkin patches, orange leaves, pumpkin spice lattes... I could go on... what's not to love?

If you really knew me...
You'd know that growing up I slept with the window blinds open by my bed because I liked to look at the stars before I fell asleep. And actually, you hopefully don't know this unless you are in my immediate family, because otherwise, we got some issues to address.

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