Monday, August 6, 2012

10 reasons you aren't quite an adult

This picture will NEVER fail to make me laugh. Canine and orangutan friendships are precious.

10 reasons you aren't quite an adult
1) You still sleep in a twin size bed.
2) You still don't know how to parallel park, even in spots that are pretty big.
3) You still care a teensy bit about what people think of you. You aren't quite yet at that point where you can say with nonchalance, "Haters gonna hate," and truly mean it 100%.
4) You still use the phrase, "Haters gonna hate."
5) Your mom still has to say to you, "You should know better," once in a great while.
6) You still need a little help from you dad with filing taxes. And by "little help," I really mean, "lot of help."
7) You still get overly pumped when a Backstreet Boys or N*Sync song comes on the radio.
8) You use fake accents during inopportune times.
9) You still have to make sure all doors, closets and drawers in the house are closed before you go to sleep because you are still scarred from seeing the movie Scream in 3rd grade.
10) You still scream "Mommmmma," on the phone whenever you are really excited and talk to your mom on the phone.

In other news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this cool dude. My brother Kevin turns 26 today!