Friday, July 13, 2012

Take Care

{Image by Gene from Geneoh Photography. Absolutely amazing work and located in Minneapolis. Check out his work!}

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to take care of someone.

Growing up it's mom staying home with me when I'm sick, renting my favorite movies and making chicken noodle soup. It's making sure a friend feels included. It's letting your friends know that you appreciate them. It's letting your family know you love them and are lucky to have them. It's sending a note just to say "hi" once in awhile. It's asking people how they are doing. It's letting the little things go and knowing that deep down people mean well.  It's teaching kids their ABC's and not letting them fall further behind. It's giving a hug. It's sharing. It's compromising. It's making sure everyone is comfortable. It's giving someone space when they need it and letting them do their own thing. It's letting someone sleep in when you know they need it. It's switching your lesson plan at  the last minute to do something fun because you know the whole class (and yourself) need it.

It's going for a walk with a friend. It's getting a letter in the mail from your dad. It's getting text messages from your mom that, without fail, are always signed "love, mom". It's listening to your brother tell you fart jokes because he knows it will cheer you up.  It's quoting movies with your brother and butchering accents left and right. 

It's sitting by your wife's side as she lay sick in bed. It's offering to make her toast with butter and jam (just how she likes it), even though she hasn't had an appetite in weeks.

It's showing love, whether through words or actions, and not expecting anything in return.  It's a whole lot more than I'd ever be able to say.

This song is lovely.

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  1. KQB: This post brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful words and and a beautiful song. Lots of love!