Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sam & Jackie

Two of my best friends from Chicago came to visit me in Minneapolis for the weekend. It was wonderful! 
I couldn't have asked for a better time. It always feels good to hang out with those you feel so familiar with and have so much history with. 

Our weekend sort of felt like this... 
We laid out at Lake Harriet and went for a dip in the perfect temperature water, got breakfast at French Meadow, had root beer floats, walked around Uptown, ate on a rooftop that had a perfect view of the city, went to the Basilica Block party to see The Head and the Heart and got caught in a downpour, snuggled 3 people to a room, laughed, played darts and shook our tail feathers on the dance floor. I miss them already. 
 Lake Harriet.
 Same, Jackie, me - United. 
 Pretty birds. 
 The hair was down for 1.2 minutes. And then I just couldn't take the heat. 
 Rooftop at Cafeteria
 Mi amigas.
 Jackie pensively looking out at the Mini Apple and contemplating whether or not to move here. 
Sam and me on a night of random adventure. 

What do you say, girls? Move to Minnesota?
Rivers and Roads... my favorite performance at The Basilica. 

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  1. KQB- I love that you were reunited with some old friends. It sounded like a wonderful weekend!