Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lil Cousins

The best words you can hear after spinning your little cousin in the air are, "Again, again." It just shows how much they are enjoying life. Hearing their tiny laugh and seeing their tiny hands reaching up for another shot at touching the sky is the best. And once one cousin is seen enjoying the ride, all the other little cousins want a go. Within 30 seconds I had a pack of 4 lil cousins wresting my legs and telling me it was their turn. Gosh, I am so popular. 
 Hannah Banana posing pretty
 Madeline, Anna and Hannah
 Kelly with CeCe, Hannah and Madeline
This is art from a 2-year-old. Very hesitantly I let Madeline hold my camera. I showed her which button to push, and this is what she took. Pretty good for a younin'. 

This was taken last weekend.  My cousins and I are definitely related. 
I asked Hannah how a princess would wave and this is how she responded... Shortly after, Madeline, the linebacker, tackled me for no apparent reason.

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