Thursday, January 6, 2011

loves peanut butter & always wears a smile

We all love you, are thinking of you, and praying for you. You are such a strong, sweet and beautiful girl. We are always here for you.
Your friends
Kathryn and me at Prom
The year of the cicadas! - Amy, Kathryn, Jackie, me
BBQ two summers ago
Some of the girls over Thanksgiving
Anne, Jackie, Kathryn
me, Katie, Moira, Jess, Paige

To anyone reading this, my dear friend Kathryn is a gymnast at Michigan State. Last week she was in a gymnastics related accident and is now sustaining a neck and spinal cord injury. Please, please keep her in your prayers. Thank you!

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  1. You both look great and im pretty sure you had an amazing night! Happy weekend.