Monday, January 31, 2011


I don't know how I ever survived without...

Madison without rain boots. I was about three years too late on the uptake that you kind of need some sort of water protection boots when you are walking to class every day in slush. No matter, I got em now. And I couldn't be more pleased with these bad boys. A lot of people have the tall Hunter galoshes, and though I think they are cute, I looked like a goon when I tried them on. They gaped awkwardly and I think my tree trunk calves were too big for them.
This was a birthday gift from my lovely roommate Mallory. Are you a lefty too and understand the hassle it is to write in a notebook and have to deal with the spiral? Well if you do, I highly recommend this assignment notebook/calendar. On top of the spiral positioning, this sucker is full of cool facts about lefties. Cary Grant and I share a birthday (Jan 18) and we are both lefties. Soul mates.

I woke up sort of early today. Well not really really. My mom and dad (and any other working adult) would probably roll their eyes at me for thinking 7:45 is early. But HEY, I'm in college and I didn't have to actually get up until 8:30. And, I'm notorious for liking my sleep. Maybe a little too much. Four hour naps? No problem. Anyway, coffee. How did I ever survive without you?
On Saturday I watched the Shawshank Redemption all the way through for the first time with my roommates. That movie is brilliant!!! Talk about moving mountains. I couldn't embed any of the videos, but honestly, you need to see this movie if you haven't. What is that you say? Everyone has already seen this movie? Okay okay. Well IF you haven't, then stop what you are doing and make it a priority.

{I guess I just miss my friend}


  1. oo I love those short Hunter boots!! and kudos for waking at 7:45, I'm impressed

  2. that IS an amazing movie! a classic for sure.