Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a cozy day

I was housebound a good chunk of my winter break. No, I wasn't grounded. I simply didn't have a car because my entire family was at work during the day. Annnnd, I live in Chicago and it's cold there. Walks are brief. As in, I take my dog for a walk that's, like, maybe, three blocks long. Anyway, I got a camera as a Christmas/birthday gift and I couldn't wait to use that sucker. So, here are pictures I took around the house on one blustery January day. Cozy on the inside, cold on the outside.
Lenny has his favorite spots. One of which is the corner by our front door. We usually keep that area clear for him, but I kind of forgot and just threw my boots down. That didn't matter to him. He made himself cozy anyway. Look at those eyes! He is the most handsome "puppy" (he's almost 10) I've ever seen.
We just got a new green door. I originally told my mom to go with a light egg robin's blue when she asked for my opinion. And, like most moms, they like others' input, but they usually go with their instinct anyway. I'm glad she did.
Winter break reading! I had never read Of Mice and Men before... so so sad. Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking.
Chocolate chip cookies my momma made!
I did manage to leave the house to walk the three blocks to our town's downtown area. I went to Snackers and got my favorite - the best curly cheese fries in all of the Chicagoland area!
We are getting new wood floors upstairs, so I needed to empty out my entire childhood bedroom. My mom also might be painting my room and putting in a new closet. I should be thrilled... but I don't like change. I'm a stickler like that. We'll see what happens.


  1. the springs has never looked as beautiful as it does in that picture. ruv it and u!

  2. Love the colour in your room, so pretty!

    and your winter break reading - FABULOUS.

    and to answer your question that you left on my blog, yep that was me on our wedding day :)

  3. I love this post. I can FEEL the coziness! Love your book stack, too. Of Mice and Men is so good it makes me ache.

    And your mom made a good call. Your house is adorable!