Saturday, November 13, 2010

Notting Hill and the Badgers

Currently watching Notting Hill (for the first time) with my pa at my parent's hotel. Feeling really good about it. I love being with my parents in Madison. It feels like a mini vacation.

We just watched the scene where they climb the wall to get into the garden and Hugh Grant says, "Whoops-a-daisy."
I specifically remember one day I said that phrase and my high school boyfriend paused and said, "Please. Please. Never say that again."

You know how some phrases really bug people? Well, I guess that was his. Are there any phrases you dislike? I'm not too fond of when people say, "That's genius." In my head I think, "Really? Was it really genius? That's a bit extreme." Maybe it's just because I don't really like the word.

This bench is in the movie. It says, "For June who loved this garden. From Joseph who always sat beside her."
Is this not the cutest?
Someday. Someday.

In unrelated new:
Today is a very sad day. I just went to my last home Badger football game as a student at UW-Madison. I'd be lying if I said I didn't almost start crying when they played Varsity.
Here is a picture of my friend Ann and me at our first game freshman year. Feels like yesterday.


  1. how is it seriously possible that you've never seen notting hill before? travesty! one of a few movies through which I can stay awake the entireee timmeee go bucky!

  2. Notting Hill! Finally!
    Hugh's roommate? yes.
    Appearance of Alec Baldwin? ummm??

    come home already! I miss you!