Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Nuggets & Au Revoir Kevin

On August 7th my cousin Bridget had twins.
Two precious baby girls.
Emily and Madeline.
And I got to hold them.
:)   :)  :)

Emily resting on Madeline

Holding Madeline

On August 8th Kevin left for Massachusetts.
He's going to be teaching in New Bedford at...
Nativity Preparatory: a private, tuition-free school for boys Grades 5-8.
I hope Kev picks up an accent.
The night before he left we had his birthday/going away partaaaay.
The staple = Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake

The kids: Me, Kevin, Matthew

Blast from da past:
Kev's Birthday Aug 2008

Kev's Birthday Aug 2006
Kev's Birthday circa 1989

(What a happy young fella)


  1. These twins are so adorable.
    I think Emily will grow more active and self aware than Madeline. A picture of them gave me this impression for some reason :)

  2. wow the twins are gorgeous

    and lovely names too! so french!

  3. Those babies are so cute. I love twins. Not that I want them myself, I just admiring other peoples.