Monday, August 24, 2009

Going Downtown with my ma

Last year for mother's day I made my mom a book called "When I think of my mom..." and on each page I wrote a memory from my past that reminded me of my mom. And then of course I added pictured and made it all cute. Well, here is one of those entries. Just short and sweet and simple.

When I think of my mom... I think of going downtown.
"Entering the solid, gray, building, mom would repeat the name of the floor our car was parked on. May. Floor number five. Before Bloomingdale's entrance was the shop with all the headpieces. So many pretty things that would never be bought. But we bought something. The crown of flowers. Tiny, white flowers. You had them put little blue beads in the crown to match my dress, the dress I'd wear to crown the blessed Virgin Mary the following week. We finished off our day of shopping at Tucci Benucch. It's closed now. We ordered bruschetta and just kept each other company. I was so happy that day. I hope you were too."
This is my dresser and the back right photo is one my mom took of me the day of May crowning. I'm wearing the crown of flowers we bought. I still have it and hope to maybe wear it on my wedding day.
On our latest excursion downtown, we didn't get to all the shopping, but we did go on the Wendella Boat Ride and took the Architecture Tour on the Chicago River. We've done it twice before, but it never gets old. It was a beautiful day outside and needless to say I snapped away at all the humongo buildings we passed. Enjoy!

The Sear's Tower and the Marina City Complex which is featured on Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. Architecturally, it's my favorite.
A view of the city.
Homes on the Chicago River that I hope to live in someday. So quaint and perty.

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