Sunday, August 16, 2009

1970s Irish Suburbia

There are so many reasons to love Ireland.
And this movie is one of them.
I saw this movie at the Wisconsin Film Festival back in April.
And I liked it.
First of all, the director has the same name as my grandma: Marian Quinn.
Second, the lead character is so darling and relatable.
Third, the soundtrack has Elvis Costello on it.
Fourth, Ireland scenery is soooo pretty.

ps Right now I'm at home in Illinois and there's a thunderstorm (i LOVE them).
And I'm lying in bed watching home videos from when I was 3.

pps Earlier I was watering the flowers in my backyard and I saw a garter snake.
And I screamed loudly. More like shrieked.
I've never seen one before.
It was black with a yellow stripe down its back.

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