Saturday, August 1, 2009

Find a Penny...

A few weeks ago I saw a penny on the floor in the Chili's restroom.  I didn't pick it up, but had it been a silver dollar or a Sacajawea coin I may have reconsidered. And so, I sent this text message to a few of my friends and brothers "Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. But what if you find it in the bathroom of a Chili's?"  These are the responses I got...

Sam (mi amiga from college)

(Sam and I at Kyle's house back in November)

Owen (mi amigo from high schoooool)
"You already ran out of luck; you resorted to eating at Chili's. You can't be having a good day."
(Owen and I at Relay for Life 2007)

Matt (mi oldest hermano)
"I'd lick it because Chili's is delicious and therefore everything inside a Chili's is delicious.  That is a fact."

(Matt and I last summer in our backyard posing for the Christmas card that mom never ended up even sending out.  This was probably like the 50th photo and mom told Matt to put on his best smile.  This was the result. GOOFBALL!)

Kevin (mi second oldest hermano)
"Best luck EVER!"

(Kev and I at the condo in Florida on his Birthday. Aug 2006)

Sammy Rae (one of my oldest and bestest friends)
"Double good luck? Or maybe just an STD."

(Sammy Rae and I at our kindergarten graduation. Awww so cute!)


  1. i love love this post!!!!!!!!!!!! its such a nice idea! i might steal it!! xx