Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Balloons, Headbands, and CUPCAKES!!!

These are all things that made me happy today. 

This makes me wish I was a kid again. And it makes me wish I had pretty balloons. 

If I get married outside (and hopefully I will) I think I would like to wear this in my hair. 
Justify Full

So today I was talking to someone about cupcakes and man, oh man, did it make me want some. So I typed in "pretty cupcakes" to google and this is what I found....

Mmmmm I want one RIGHT NOW!

I plan on making this sometime this summer. And not eating it. Just let it sit there and admire it.

From Magnolia's Bakery in NYC. Supposedly the best.


  1. LOVE that headband. LOVE IT.

    and p.s. lets have makeover/cupcake/hubby movie night.

  2. ok ok yay! my mom is going to be in town tomorrow but she leaves sometime on saturday. so maybe saturday night?

  3. Well, I work until 4 tomorrow, and then at 4 on Sunday. So, actually, that would work out great!