Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello, Wildfire, Youth in Revolt

Hi, one time I ate too much at Wildfire. In fact, I at so much I wasn't able to get up from the table. Too much food makes my tummy hurt. And by too much food I mean... a large helping of the Wildfire Chopped Salad, 3.5 Kitty Cocktails, like 4 pieces of bread with butter, a whole Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast, a side of Redskin Mashed Potatoes, and half of an ice cream sundae. Man, that was a big mistake. If you want your tummy to hurt too, follow the link...

Now anyway, I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time, and now that summer has come, I don't feel guilty about having one. Thus, here she is. This blog is going to be awecome (probably not).

Last year, instead of reading for my Political Science class, I read Youth in Revolt. And it RULED!!! Well at least I think it did. Nick Twisp is a total fox. "He spoke dynamite Spanish for a three year old". The book is being made into a movie (comes out October 30) and all I know is that they better not screw it up. Or else. But my numero uno amor, Miguel Cera, is playing Nick Twisp. So this basically will make or break our relationship.

Here is the booooook...

Here is hubby and some girl (her name is Portia Doubleday and she gets to play Sheeni Saunders) shooting the film...

Until later, Bye Bye


  1. ahhh i didn't know i had comments. this is exciting! sorry to get back to you so late, but YES you can read it. right now it's just sittin pretty on my bookshelf just WAITING to be read. i bring it to you sooooon.

  2. kitty cocktail? too cute