Saturday, November 17, 2012

On A Saturday Like This

{Lake Mendota via}
{Gregory Peck on set for To Kill a Mockingbird via}
{Orange and blue via}

On a Saturday like this.
An early wake up and cozy morning with my roommate where we sit in bed and wonder where President Obama would have lived had he not been reelected.  No consensus made. My 2nd grade student waiting on his front stoop for me to pick him up to go to the library and him hugging me as soon I got out of the car. Man, I love that kid. Going to Panera and him saying that the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich he ordered was the best thing he's ever eaten.  He then proceeded to the register to ask them how they made their sandwiches because he wants to, "Start making this gooooooood stuff at home." Classic. A nice, long phone conversation with family. A walk around Lake Harriet on this warm, sunny day. 

Yup. And this. There's always this. It may or may not be the third time I've posted this beauty. Don't care. Still making me laugh. Extras. So good. Make time to see the series if you haven't.

*Going to town on fragments. 

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