Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love my students

 {The school cafeteria... Where chaos and laughter erupt.}
{A painting hanging in my room. Instant good mood.}
{Poster I made hanging in my room.}

I need to start each day being grateful.  I am fortunate to have a job where laughter is inevitable. I love working with kids.  I love being a teacher. I need to start documenting the sweet shenanigans my students say more frequently.  

"Yo Mama G, is there chicken up in the kitchen?" - 3rd grader response to an assignment that asked them to write a question using at least 3 sight words, one proper noun, one noun that's a thing and one noun that's a place. 

"Ms. B, don't make it too hot." - 3rd grader said while pointing and winking.  This was in response to me saying I had to heat my lunch up in the microwave and him remembering the last time I did and almost choked on food that was too hot.

"Am I your favorite student? I hope so, cuz you're my favorite teacher."- 3rd grader

"Who let the dimes out???? Ten, ten, ten, ten!!!!!" - helping us to remember a dime is worth 10 cents.

"I've got a nickel. I've got a nickel. I'm gonna buy a pickle with my nickel. Fiiiiive cents, fiiiive cents!!" - helping us remember a nickel is worth 5 cents.

"You look sooooo cute today!" - Kindergartner said with a little hand flip.

"Your hair is soft. Like ice cream." - Kindergartner said while petting my hair as I try to tie another kid's shoe.

"My grandma rides horses and likes to rearrange her furniture. She also likes casinos." - 3rd grader

"My bus smells like fart. I think it's my sister's fault." - random comment from a 3rd grader during my math lesson.

"Ms. B, when is your birthday? Cuz I'm gonna buy you something at the dollar store." - 2nd grader

Conversation while joking around with a kindergartner.
Me: "DJ, do you have a mustache?"
DJ: "Ewwwww no. Mustaches are disgusting. Only dads have those."

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