Saturday, November 3, 2012

Faith in Humanity

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1)  My brother informed me today that if he and his fiance ever get a dog, they will get a beagle and they will name him Bagel.

2)  I was early for grad class on Thursday, so I stopped at a coffee shop beforehand.  A little girl around Kindergarten age had a piggy bank with her.  Her dad bought himself a coffee.  The girl counted out quarters and nickels to buy a hot chocolate.  Good stuff.

3)  After work on Wednesday, traffic was particularly bad. Instead of trying to fight it, I pulled off the highway and went to get food and read a book.  An older man that works there came up to me with a piece of baklava and said, "For dessert. On the house."  Day maker.

4) My dad sent me a note attached to an article about Jackson Hole just because he knows how much I love that heavenly place.

5) Momma sent me winter socks, a scarf and a thermal randomly in the mail this week. She constantly sends me reminders that confirm why she's my favorite lady in the world.

6) I was sitting next to two woman this morning at a coffee shop.  The one was talking muchisimo gossip about someone in their Bible study.  The other one then responded, "Why is it your damn business? Let that be between her and God."  The other woman looked so shocked. After a few moments she then said, "You are so right.  Thank you."

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