Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life Lately

(+)    Happy Mother's Day, Momma! Move to Minnesota? Please. I'll buy you breakfast! And go to church with you. 
(-)     I attempted to mow our lawn this week. Failed miserably. So embarrassing. 
(+)    Read outside today and ate pancakes like a boss.
(-)     Got turned down from a bar last night for wearing sandals. I don't have time for that snooty crap. Get me to Red Shed.
(+)    Joined a co-ed softball league and didn't strike out. 
(-)     Spilled syrup all over my shirt. My life is a mess.
(+)   Celebrated my dear friend Rachel's birthday last weekend in a 1920 something themed party. 

Roommates - Kaitlin, Stacey, Allison, me
Oh would you look at that; dancing by myself again like a goon and Mal looking like she's singing the gospel in church
 With the birthday girl sporting her flapper outfit
Beautiful tree on a bike ride along Minnehaha Parkway
 Kaitlin relaxing in our family room
My momma's pretty garden back home in Illinois

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