Sunday, May 20, 2012

Content and the grass is a pretty green

There are 9 teaching days left until summer. Two of which are field trips and 1 of which is kindergarten/senior graduation. But, I mean, who's counting? Oh, yeah, I am.
This looks ideal.
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People I'm struggling to understand...
1) People who jog in place at a red light. That is prime catch-your-breath time. 
2) People who put on their left turn signal at the very last moment. Don't even get me started.
3) People that ride motorcycles and don't wear a helmet.
4) People who refuse to take the last piece of food on a platter. Just do it!
5) People who respond to the question, "How are you?", but then don't ask it in return. 

In other unrelated news...
-  This is hitting a little too close to home this weekend. Moooooom, where are you and why aren't you calling me back?
-  Pumped for this camera strap to make its way to Minneapolis. 
-  I put my window unit in, and wah lah, peaceful sleeps. Sort of like this.
-  I will be making this come summer. 
-  I have 2 episodes left in the series Friday Night Lights. But, seriously, what a dreamboat

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