Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cool & Not Cool at School

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Not Cool
-  Having your boss catch you go through the Emergency Exit door to snag a pop from the vending machine.
- A bunch of 3rd graders flicking pieces of corn dogs at one another. Sick. 
- Whining over where you stand in line. Get. Over. It.
-  First grade students spontaneously doing the dougie out of excitement in response to the statement, "Now we are going to play Around the World with sight words." Who woulda thunk?
- A kindergartner beelining for you in the hall just to tell you that he is going to buy you pizza and chocolate milk for your birthday... even though your birthday is 8 months away. 
- A first grader asking me to come to his little league baseball games over the summer. And then following it up with, "And, maybe, you could make me signs cheering me on and maybe you could buy me nachos after the game." Maybe, Martez. Maybe. 

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  1. This is hilarious! Oh what we thought was important back then!