Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sitting still

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SPECIAL GARDEN (A Child cry to his Daddy)
In my garden, I will plant some of Daddy's things 

The hat he wears for his favorite baseball team.

His special notes he wrote to me.
His favorite songs he likes to sing.

His special collect cars he bought last spring.

His favorite tie that has grease stains.

His favorite fishing pole, even though he has never caught anything.

And I'm going to plant some of my tears, these come from me.

Every night before I go to sleep, I will go out to my special garden

and pray over Daddy's things.

(c)copyright Natasha Flowers 2002 

This poem is so simple and yet so poignant. I read it for my students today during our discussion on 9/11.
A few students liked it so much they asked if I'd make copies so they could share it with their families.

I had plans to have my students write a journal entry on where they were on 9/11. Then I remembered that they were only 1 when it happened. Then I felt really, really old.

We remember.

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