Sunday, September 18, 2011

Braids and Cuckoo Clocks

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It's raining outside. How calming. Our front lawn needs to be mowed. I wonder if our neighbors don't like us because we've let it go. I'm sure the leaves will start falling soon and you won't even see the overgrown grass. Problem solved. I'm currently writing math lesson plans and trying to figure out Minnesota's state standards for all the subjects I teach. Complicated. Can't someone just email them to me all neat and compiled nicely in a PDF format? Teacher troubs. Yuck.

Wondering: If I will ever learn to make a decent braid. So far... fail.

Missing: My friends from home. Sitting on Anne's porch and being cuddly in a plaid blanket sounds ideal. Throw some apple cider into the mix and we have perfection.

Listening to: Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"

Craving: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

Wishing: I was watching Aladdin or The Lion King

Happy: That one of my students made me and another teacher a copy of his football schedule so we could go to his games

Reading: Oh, The Places You'll Go (short but sweet... and quite relevant for my students... well at least I think so)

Need: More cozy socks and more flats to wear to work (On Friday, a student said, "Ms. B, you must really like those purple shoes. Because you wear them, like, allllll the time." In my head I thought to myself, "Stop concentrating on my outfit and start concentrating on these vowels!")

Thinking about: How nice the ticking of a clock is when the house is empty and quiet. Also, thinking about getting my paws on a cuckoo clock. It would make a lovely addition to my bedroom.

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