Thursday, August 5, 2010

Florida and Airplanes

Before embarking on our trip to the Sunshine State, I asked my dad, "Are you ready for Flo Rida?" (pronounced Flow Rider). He looked at me confusedly and said, "Who's that?" I just shook my head and walked away. Adults today. You can't talk jive with them.
{The pool all to myself}
{Me and Kevin}
{Tie Dye Sky}

{Breakfast and a good book on the balcony}
{Home away from home}
{Ma and Pa}

The highlight of my trip might have come in the airport. I was walking back from Uno's with a piece of pizza and headed to my gate. I look up from putting change in my purse and directly in front of me about five feet away is Richard Kind. For a good seven seconds I kind of just stared at the man and racked my brain for where I knew him from. He kept walking but kept shifty eyes on me because he could tell my mind was doing cartwheels trying to figure out who he was. When I got back to my seat I relayed that I had just seen a celebrity. My dad goes, "Yeah. Richard Kind. Funny guy. He was in the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode we watched two days ago."

Well this news made me feel pretty stupid and basically made me almost pee my pants and want to tackle the guy and throw him compliments until the cows came home.

Instead I just let him be.


  1. haha! good old FL! thanks for commenting on my blog, you made my day! Also i love love love having the pool by myself! i hope you have a wonderful trip and get home safely !

  2. Mmmm that's like my perfect breakfast!

  3. such great photos!
    and what a yummy breakfast!!

    "Adults today. You can't talk jive with them." hahah that cracked me up!