Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Doppelgangers are fun. My roommate Ann and I can never agree on who we think people look like. At a wedding this past weekend, she insisted that the best man looked like Frank from The Bachelorette and I am 98% positive he is more or less Rupert Grint's twin. You'd agree with me. She's crazy. I mean the best man had reddish hair and is Scottish.

Anyway, I've had a few doppelgangers thrown at me throughout the years. Growing up I got Melissa Joan Hart quite a bit. When I got glasses I became Lisa Loeb according to my brother.
{I don't know that I've actually ever looked like her, but the ice cream in hand seems pretty dead on. Image via}
But, there is one person who people can agree I look like. It started at a young age when I was a pink ball of chub.
Chris Farley.
That is my doppleganger.
And ya know what?
I couldn't be prouder.
{Separated at birth}


  1. you forgot your freaklike resemblance of you and your roomie Mallory!!! freaklike. miss you xo

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