Friday, March 15, 2013

Tricky Business and Jams

This gave me a good laugh.

In other news:
- I almost bit it two times today on the walk in to work today.
- Had a kindergarten student show off his 2 Spiderman rings he got from his birthday cupcakes and his big, proud smile warmed my heart in the best way possible.
- Good conversation today with the lady that works at the nearby Subway.  Starting to really try and see the people that I interact with.
- Worked out a deal with a student focused around writing to see if it can improve bus behavior. 
-  Started what I consider to be a boss playlist for my kiddos while they do independent work.  I decided to introduce them to some oldies. If I play songs that they know they tend to get distracted. If you have any suggestions for me to add, send them my way! Here is part of the playlist:

My current favorite song on the playlist. Those moves at 1:35. Love.

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