Sunday, March 3, 2013

The phone goes click click

January and February have come and gone. I'm ready for Spring. Real ready. Super ready. Ready, ready.  I want to go for walks and bike rides after work and then finish it off with a stop at the ice cream parlor. I want to make a softball team with friends and join a league (minimally competitive of course). I want to wear a sweatshirt and shoots hoops outside at the nearby park. I want to have my mom visit and sit on my back porch with her. 

Until then, here are some goodies I captured on my phone over the past two months. 

1. Notes I got from two 1st grade boys. Cuties. 
2. 100th Day of School celebration crafts. The wall behind my desk. Junie B. Jones fascination.
3. Trip to Park City, Utah with friends for the Sundance Film Festival.
4. My perty little bike that I am dying to ride regularly. Took her for a spin around Lake Harriet yesterday and she rode like a beauty.
5. A card, a view from my room, a note of encouragement.
6. Family room, gift from brother for Valentine's Day, text messaging with the bro... keeping one another sane. 

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