Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

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I'm on spring breaaaaak! For a whopping 3 days. Party time! And by "party time", I really mean "napping time".
Minni Apple spring break 2012: Biking, Breakfast, Beer, and Bitchin' good times!

Today I sat on a porch chair much like this. It was wonderful. It wasn't so wonderful when four kids came over and kept pointing at it to their mother and I instantly felt like I had to be a kind adult and let the kids have the swing chair space. I smiled as I offered up the chair to the little ones, but on the inside, nuh uh.

In unrelated news, here is a list of people and things that can take a hike.
In no specific order.

1) People that get tan.
2) People that comment on my sunburn any time I get a sunburn.
3) Cats (I don't trust them. They always ignite a small panic attack. Except kittens. They're ok.)
4) Staplers that are jammed.
5) People that jam said staplers and make no attempt to fix or replace them.
6) Girls who talk about salads and diets a little too much. Newsflash: I don't care.
7) Girls who ask if I wanna split a meal. Heck nah.
8) People with expressionless faces.
9) People who don't wave back.
10) Thunderstorms that last less than 1o minutes. What a tease!
11) A belabored topic.
12) Public mushy couples. Yuuuuuck.

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