Monday, May 23, 2011

Seriously, why am I leaving Madison?

That's a rhetorical question. I know WHY I have to leave Madison - the whole graduating and moving to the Twin Cities to teach just about sums it up. But, I look around this place and think back on all the good times I've had here (nostalgia is my middle name, more or less) and get a lil misty eyed thinking about how this will no longer be "home." This past year I wrote for UW-Madison's school newspaper The Daily Cardinal. Here is my last column. Kind of a goodbye piece. It somewhat communicates how I feel about leaving college. It's an attempt, but some feelings just can't be put into words.
Adding to my spring allergies tremendously. I never had them before, but now they're in full force.
Mallory in front of Lake Mendota.
Quick photo op break with Lauren during our bike ride.
Pretty view of the city from Picnic Point.
Terrace chairs at the new Union South.
James: The Best Buddy I could have asked for.
Girls night out at Johnny O's.
Kristi, me, Shauna, Lauren, Alli

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  1. Great photos! Congrats on graduation and you'll be close enough in the Twin Cities to get to Madison a LOT for football games. Take advantage!