Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School

I had my last, first day of school yesterday (Thursday). My mom left me a really sentimental voicemail wishing me luck the next morning and saying oh how many years it has been and telling me how she wished she could be there with me. Only problem was that she sent the message two days early. For a moment the voicemail really made me question whether or not I did have class the next day. And if I did in fact have class the next day, I was going to really regret playing chandeliers at Whiskey River. But alas, she was wrong.

So, ya.
Today was the first day of school.
If I owned a sharpener I probably would have sharpened my pencils.
If I owned shoe polish I probably would have polished my shoes.
If I owned an alarm clock I probably wouldn't have slept through my first class.


One time my friend Sam slept through her Spanish final. At the time it was pretty horrific. But now we can joke about it. Right, Sam?

Too soon?

Well anywhoooooo, here is my favorite movie EVER (well top five). And guess what? It takes place in a school setting. So, uh, I thought it would be appropriate to post it. Not the entire film, silly. But just the trailer.

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