Friday, August 30, 2013

Coffee with Laurie

There's been a whole lot of change. New job, new roommates, new students, new thoughts. Duh new thoughts. But, fresh thoughts. Those don't always come, or at least ones that really make you take a step back and reflect.

My body and mind are tired right now. I've been getting up at 5:15 for work and am still adjusting, because although I'm waking up substantially earlier than I use to, I still go to bed fairly late. Must. Change. That. Habit. But, even though I'm tired, I want to take a few moments to write down a few highlighted positives from the recent few weeks... Has there been overwhelming things going on too? Yes. Very much so. But, I already let those overwhelming matters consume my thoughts more than I'd like to, so I'll focus on the positive, smiley face type stuff. That's where it's at.

I've made an unexpected friend. Her name is Laurie, and she is the grandmother/guardian of one of my former students.  I've always gotten along really well with Laurie, but this year with her and her grandson (a person I hold near and dear to my heart) was absolutely wonderful. A blessing.  And this summer, she really took me under her wing.  She started calling me her adopted daughter.  She invites me to go to church with them every week.  We just like each other, and most importantly, we both care immensely about the young man under her roof.  This young man, who I swear has great potential to be the future president of the United States, goes to the library with me just about every Saturday.  One Saturday she called me when I was on my way to say that he wasn't going to be ready at the time I usually pick him up because he had spent the night at his auntie's house.  I told her no worries and that I didn't mind waiting until he got there.  She then said, "Well, come on over and I'll put on a pot of coffee and we can just chat."  So, I did just that.  It was a serene way to start my day. As soon as I knocked on the door she greeted me with a hug and pointed in the direction of the coffee pot, where she had also laid out all the essentials.  We then sat on her couch, she in her robe and I in my workout clothes, and just talked for 45 minutes.  The sun was shining through the blinds and we each filled our cups twice.  It felt like a movie.  But, it was better than a movie, because it was real.  The sheer joy that I felt being with Laurie was I think one of those moments when you truly realize, feel and start to believe that the simple moments in life are the best.  I could go on and on about Laurie.  I'm sure I will post more in the future about our relationship and how great of a person she is.  For now, I'll just harbor and protect the love I feel for her and her family.  They've been a blessing to me. A second family while away from my own.

Favorite Spot
Growing up I read books all the time.  I loved to read. I still do.  I don't necessarily get as much time to read as I'd like, but I still get that sense of peace when I'm enveloped in a good book. I'm gong to work really hard on making a conscience effort to maintain a work/life balance this year.  Ya know, just got to know when to say, "Enough is enough."  I've been walking to my favorite place every night after work for just 30 minutes of quiet or 30 minutes of reading.  No one else is around.  I don't have my computer. I just lay down on the grass by this big tree and rest. I'm surrounded by big tress and beautiful flowers.  The lake is half a block away. So blissful.  It's my favorite spot in Minnesota.  My "secret, not so secret spot" that maybe I'll write about in a book someday.

Here's to coffee with friends and to quiet time under the blue sky.

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