Thursday, June 2, 2011

Checking out the Chan Chan Man

Chandler has always been my favorite. I don't really feel like explaining why. He just is. I think his mannerisms, quirks and awkwardness speak for themselves. Do you have a favorite Friends character? My ranking goes: 1) Chandler 2) Phoebe 3) Ross 4) Rachel 5) Joey 6) Monica. As far as I'm concerned, Monica can take a hike. Except for the throwback episodes; she kills those. I hope my ranking doesn't offend any readers. To be honest, I have a spot in my heart for each character. Yes, even Monica. Sometimes. Not when she's annoying.

Here are some of my favorite clips highlighting Chandler's goofiness:

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  1. Chandler and Phoebe are by far my favorites as well! I completely agree with you about Monica too... she's better when she's big in the throwback episodes. I enjoyed this post.. Friends is a great show!