Saturday, October 2, 2010

Football + Family weekend in Madison

This weekend I had to get stitches on my chin.
In short,
slippery bar floors + sandals with no traction whatsoever
Kathleen plummeting like a rock and smacking her face against the hardwood floor.

Having these stitches on my face has made me realize how
A) often I rest my chin on my hand
B) difficult it is to put on a shirt without touching your chin
C) laughing is a good thing EXCEPT when you have a laceration (what the doctor kept calling it) on your face.... every time I move my jaw my entire chin has this swelling and pulsing feeling that makes me want to cry.

But the chin incident (hence chincident) came after a laughter and smile filled weekend with my family. 23 of my relatives drove up from Chicago (or flew in from Florida) to experience a weekend as a Wisconsin Badger. We went to the game, ate popcorn and drank beer at the terrace that overlooks Lake Mendota, played bags and flag football, ate pumpkin bread and probably had too many cheese curds.

It was such an overwhelming joy to share this city with my family.
I want a repeat of the weekend !
(minus the whole falling in public and having a huge gash on my face. That, I could do without.)


  1. Love these photos! Love all the red, the UW Cornhole game, the lake, love it ALL!!! Sorry about your little accident, hope it heals soon!

  2. chincident is by far my fave thing i've heard all day. i hope (?) i someday get a chance to steal it and slip it into everyday conversation.

    but i do hope it's healing nicely!